The Animal Winner Vision

Children that are dependent on their smart phone or computer are commonplace in our society. Violence and addictive negative influences are pulling young people away from parents and destroying family's across America.

This break up of the American family is a problem... a big problem.

What can you do to sell or use a profitable item and to bring the family together again to have fun and learn... without a computer?

Offer the Animal Winner Family Board game in your store, church, synagog, school or as a fundraiser.

Animal Winner is the fun family board game that promotes improved interpersonal relationships, heightened math ability, thinking without a computer, reading comprehension, focus, better communication skills, improved memory, increased spelling ability, learning about animals and improved group skills.  

Great for teaching English as a second language. Imagine... American families - together again  - without computers! Familys and children can have fun and learn - whithout a computer. Animal Winner family board game is available, with a huge discount, when purchased in a box of 6 games. Our TV campaign brings strong awareness to the marketplace. 

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Animal Winner is perfect for a Family Fundraiser for your non-profit, church, school, synagogue,

or to raise funds for your sports clubs or other organizations.

Charge $40 per family and provide an Animal WInner game. $20 is raised for the charity. Families have fun playing

Animal Winner.  

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Animal Winner Family Board Game