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Animal Winner Family Board Game… it’s challenging, educational and most importantly, its fun for all ages!

The objective of Animal Winner is to be the first “animal” to reach land safely by getting a total score of EXACTLY 500 points by correctly answering questions asked by one person who is designated as the reader. 

To get started, the oldest player is appointed as the first reader. The reader does not play in the game and the reader has the option to invite a partner to join as reader. The reader reads the questions and animal facts to each player. The first player who reaches exactly 500 points becomes the “animal Winner” and is then appointed to be the next reader.

Each player chooses one of nine animal pieces and a color route to get to the end of the game. The reader gives each player a plastic stand to hold his animal piece.

The reader will place the three different decks of question and answer cards in front of him. To begin the game, the reader will ask the player to his left to select a question to answer. These questions are hard (worth 100 points), medium (worth 75 points), or easy (worth 50 points). The reader will then pick up the top card and read the question out loud to the first player, who has 30 seconds to answer. The reader may provide up to two hints to the player being asked the question. If the answer is correct, the first player moves his piece to the appropriate space. If the answer is incorrect, or the player cannot answer the question, the other players, going from left to right, may give their answers. If they are correct, they move their piece forward. 

The reader then reads the facts from the card, and passes it to all players to see and read before putting it on the bottom of the return pile. The reader goes around, from left to right, asking each player, in turn, if they want an easy, medium, or hard question.

In addition to learning interesting facts about animals, players will build their vocabulary skills and will use math and strategy to win. For example, if a player is on the 400th space, in order to win, he would need to answer a hard question worth 100 points to reach 500 points and become the next “Animal Winner.” 

This game may also be played in teams of two players. In this instance, the first team to get both players to exactly 500 points wins. 

We hope you enjoy playing Animal Winner Family Board game and have fun learning some fascinating facts about the creatures that share our world!


Game Contents:

  • 10” X 20” game board
  • 9 different animal playing pieces, and 9 plastic stands
  • 144 different animal question and facts divided into 3 categories
    • 48 EASY cards (worth 50 points) 
    • 48 MEDIUM cards (worth 75 points)
    • 48 HARD cards (worth 100 points)

Game Board

Games Pieces 

Playing Cards