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First A Verbal Game - Now A Board Game Played by Thousands


Fifteen years ago, Animal Winner started out as a verbal game created by business entrepreneur Steven Lazar when Steven played the game with friends and families.

Parents were thrilled because their children became happily involved in the game about animals that was not attached to a computer or cell phone. The families communicated with each other.

Steven Lazar was passionate about helping families and children. In public places, he would see parents and children being disconnected from each other. Children were bored and would misbehave. Parents were frustrated with their children's behavior.  He saw that children were "acting out". He knew that everyone - especially children love animals.

The verbal Animal Winner board game was invented first, then in January of 2015 he came up with the actual board game that was exciting, and fun to play and didn't have electronics.

The game is easy to play. Questions are in 3 groups: easy 50 points, medium 75 points and hard questions are 100 points. The first person to reach exactly 500 points becomes the Animal Winner. The game consists of 144 animal questions and animal facts. Up to 6 players with one reader play the game. The objective of the game is to move your animal piece on the board and reach exactly 500 points becoming the Animal Winner and next reader. There is no penalty for a wrong answer.

Animal Winner is engaging, hands on, and players learn skills! No computers, smart phones, or video screens. The game promotes improved interpersonal relationships, heightened math ability, thinking without a computer, improved reading skills, better communications skills, improved memory, increased spelling ability and greater knowledge about animals.  

Animal Winner is now being enjoyed, in elementary schools, after school programs, children's, family and veterans hospitals, and senior centers . Animal Winner is also being used as a family fund raiser for Non-Profits, School clubs, Churches, and Synagogues. Companies and individuals have been buying Animal Winner by the case and giving them to those in need and as a special gift for customers and employees. Animal Winner is the perfect family gift for any occasion or Holiday.