John T. from Florida     

My grandchildren put down their mobile phones and we actually talked. I love Animal Winner.

Helene W. from Michigan

The children in my after school program are learning and having fun - without a computer. AW is incredible!

Traci M. from the U.S.A.

We played Animal Winner with our 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy - we had a blast!

Chris M. from the U.S.A.

Our family played Animal Winner last night and we all loved it.

Frankie V. from San Diego

3 generations of my family played the game at the same time. We learned, laughed and my granddaughter won the game. We took everybody out for ice cream and my granddaughter was given a double dip because she won!

Janice M. Livonia

I played the game with the seniors at our after church social. A 95 year old lady won the game and wants a game for her daughter and granddaughter.

Genevieve G. from New York

My after school group loves to play the game. We talk with eachother and learn - plus no cell phone or tablets were used. Excellent.

Sandy S. from Georgia

I'm a middle school teacher in Nebraska. My students eat their lunch quickly so they can play AW.



If you've Played Animal Winner, Let Us Know What You Think.